A recumbent bikes is a type of fitness bicycle that operates by positioning the rider in a laid-back position distributing the rider’s weight over a large area, supported by back and buttocks.we have put together this guide  to help you find the best Recumbent machine for home use.


Schwinn270 and schwinn 230 is an ultimate home recumbent machine as they are one of the best pieces of fitness equipment sold all over the market. These bikes contains ample of space in order to view workout data along with the 4 pre set profiles (2 for the 230) that makes the bikes configured to be used by multiple users.

Along with that it provides you with 29 different features or programs that gives you freedom to enter your details like workout time, weight etc. It also gives you the goal tracking feature that helps you to identify your workout level every time you hit a personal best. It can withstand 300 lbs of weight of a rider making it quite easy and comfortable for body movement and relaxation.

schwinn 230 recumbent bikeschwinn 270 recumbent bike

Both the bikes have inbuilt fan with 3 speed modes to adjust according to riders wish. With a surprise come the headphone jack and USB charging point that contains surprisingly good speakers to give you an engaging workout along with a tablet stand.

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These are solid and stable bikes that contain two integrated levellers and a large mid frame support. The fitted seat is comfortable and perfectly contoured at the leg area which gives the rider a comfortable and cool experience of working out. The flywheel with 25 levels of magnetic resistance helps to give the rider a smooth quite and challenging workout session.Also check best treadmill and rowing machines for home.

Top Recumbent Bike Picks of 2017 


This bike is not only extra large but also with extra large comfort and extra large value. It is a comfortable bike with eight levels of magnetic resistance, a large LCD display and along with a hand based heart rate sensors.

The “extra large” tag fits superbly with the bike as compared to its large, oversized seat cushion and a comfortable back rest making it more comfy. The bike also contains a “smooth torque” cranking system that makes it really comfortable and smooth to work out and also contains wheels to be moved around the house easily.

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If you are looking for a good deal that gives you a perfect experience than the 900xl is a perfect fit for you, which gives you dimensions of 54” * 22” * 34” and along with that it weights exactly sixty three pounds. It can hold up weight up to 300 lbs of a person riding the bike making it comfortable for them while sweating it on the bike.


Are you fitness freak but also have to work alongside? Then your search is over because we have brought you a semi recumbent bike, the Exerpeutic Work fit that gives you a work station for your laptop along with a platform for your book or tablet. So you can do both of the works at a time, you can work along with can exercise using this amazing bike that do not get in your way making it quite comfortable for you.

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Not only that, it also gives you a chair and a desk combo with a standing desk. It is also a foldable exercise machine that can be easily being folded and stored anywhere in the house.The working parts of the bike contain the same or identical parts to that of the 900xl but this one is one capable exercise bike. This bike provides you exercise a benefit that burns fat than sugar when you exercise in a low intensity.

It also gives you heightened creativity and improved cognition which helps you to increase blood flow in your body during exercise.  The dimensions of the machine is 45.3” * 25” * 51.3 and when gets folded it decreases to 21.3” * 25.5” for storage facilities. It weights up to 64.7 pounds and requires no power to run. The weight that the bike can withstand is of 300 lbs making it quite comfortable for the riders or users while working out.


This is not just a simple bike, this is specially designed for heavy workouts mainly meant for athletes who do workout and prepare for their respective sports. It does have well built and easy to use benefit that can be used by anyone but when it comes to its performance it is much suitable for the athletic people who looks for heavy work out sessions to keep their body well build.

The working parts of the bikes are of a class as they are quite, hardwearing and are generally very good. The bike stands out for its detailed works on its seat and back rest, which are made very skilfully. While the seat has individual air chambers that provides you maximum comfort and on other hand the backrest is made up of memory foam, which helps to ride longer and get fitter.

This machine is just like elliptical machine.It also contains nice Bluetooth and display that helps you in tracking your fitness workout data. It contains dimensions of 60” * 26.5” * 42” that weights about 101.4 pounds. It does require an AC power supply to run smoothly. It also can hold up to 350 lbs of weight of a rider which gives them a comfortable workout area.


This PRECOR RBK 615 bike is the standard in commercial bikes. It contains everything on it of high quality and is way better when compared for home usage.  This bike got everything you need in an exercise bike it is comfortable, durable and also is well ventilated.

This exercise bikes are made to withstand repetitive and to cop up with rigorous workouts that are done in the gym and health clubs and also are very famous in the hotels spas for years with specific features.

It contains some external specific features like, it have dual sided pedals to be used with regular shoes and is compatible with wireless polar heart rate monitors with 5khz. With dimension of 66” * 23” * 49”, it weights two hundred pounds and needed AC powers to run like a horse. Unlike the others it can withstand a low weight of 200lbs that gives equal comfort nada rear like others.

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The above mentioned bikes or recumbent bikes are brought from the best seller company and they provide you a very comfortable and luxurious workout experience. They are not only easy to use but also are pocket friendly and power consumption machines that go easily with your home environment. Unlike the upright bikes used for exercises and workouts, these bikes do not stress your hand and shoulders but provide you a very comfortable chair like seat to comfortably do your exercise without even getting hurt. Due to the reclining position where your back and buttocks take the pressure, it is safe and allows you to have a great experience.

Bikes are the ultimate form or machines made for cardio workout and these recumbent bikes takes the cardio experience to another level. As many fitness bikes and equipments are normally recommended by gym instructors or trainers these recumbent bikes are recommended by the doctors and physicians.

Doctors recommend these recumbent bikes for people dealing with injuries or currently unfit for any conventional exercises. It is used as a great too for the athletes those are recovering from an injury which can help them to maintain their fitness while they keep on recovering from the injury. The recumbent bikes can be also useful for those people or patients that have bed ridden or completely immobile for a certain period of time to work out and regain their lost physical attribute and fitness. As it designed for cardiovascular exercises it also helps in improving the health of patients suffering from chronic pain, arthritis and miscellaneous joint conditions, it helps them to improve their physical form and make them able to work and walk again without any support or effort.

As comfort is the first thing that every person looks for when he or she opts to buy an exercise machine for themselves to workout at home, these recumbent bikes fits perfectly to their wish list. Being a comfortable chair with exercise mechanism it provides the user to lose weight in a cool and comfortable way. In these bikes you get to relax in a reclined position and let your legs do your workout for you that prevent you from any kind of numbness or getting any pain or injuries in weird places. It gives you just an effective and fruitful cardio workout.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Benefits & features

These recumbent bikes are designed for ergonomic reason with an aerodynamic advantage. Along with this, it holds the world speed record and are now race under the Human Powered Vehicle Association (HPVA).

Designed back in 19th century these bikes serves as a fitness required in today’s world, as they provide a cardiovascular workout to people with ability levels. These are also good for those people whose are new to cycling and people with low back pain as it provides support.

There are many benefits of using recumbent bikes as they are easier on lower back or lumbar spine and also gentle on your joints. The most enticing feature of these bikes are that they contain a larger seat that makes the riders feel comfortable while exercising reducing the chances of pain and also build strength. It provides you a comfortable sitting and exercising technique through which you can relax as well as cycle for good health. The comfortable seat is as comfortable as a normal office chair that you use in your office.

Not only they provide comfort to the riders but also are generally safer as they do not stand upon the pedals like an upright bike that reduces the chances of falling down and getting injured along with that it provides a low impact on the total body of the rider while working out on it.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) these bikes are safe and effective means of exercise machine, it is because of the aerodynamic advantage that it provide the option for a low impact cardiovascular activity. It also helps in improving many chronic patients health by making them physically fit by workouts.

Who do not want to feel fit and stay healthy? Everyone wants to. But working being all uncomfortable is not what people are looking for. Equipments that gives you fitness as well as safety along with comfort are easy to use and makes the workout session more comfortable and worthy. Everyone wants to look good and as well as stay healthy and fit and in order to achieve that they look for different kinds of machines and equipments that are both pocket and home friendly.

And to provide you that comfort as well as fitness the best option is recumbent bikes. There are many kinds and types of recumbent bikes that are available in the stores. And because of these there may occurs many selection problems while choosing the best recumbent bike which will go both with your budget and requirement.

So to reduce your effort and make your work more easily and less clumsy we have brought you some best recumbent bikes from over 75 brands choose reviewed and recommended by experts those who holds experience of twenty years in the field of health and fitness industry. They give you their own experience and widely tested recumbent bikes that will make you go bananas over it and you cannot stop admiring them. These bikes will add a little more charm to your luxury and on other hand will help you get fit and healthy in a very easy way by just sitting at home.

Below mentioned are some of the best recumbent bicycles that will help you to make a choice. In this full packed fitness world it will be your own personal fitness trainer that will make you look and feel good and will keep you healthy and fit.


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