Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2017- Best Rowers Comparison

This post is about Best buying Rowing Machine Reviews of 2017 and we feel delighted to present all the best available Rowing machines to you. You can Best Rowing Machines by Price, directly compare between different rowing machines and also write your views and queries about the Rowers that you are thinking to buy. Our recommendation is Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with the PM5 monitor.Its is best when it comes to rowing,in case if you don’t want to spend much & still want to achieve your fitness goal then you must go for Stamina Air Rower it’s inexpensive yet deliver top notch performance and design for comfort although it leave out on some critical upgrades but it definitely worth the money.

Best Rowing Machine Review For Stamina Improvement & Competitive preparation

  1. Concept2 Model D – If you are looking for quick improvement in your fitness and want to take it next level then concept2 model D is the best rowing machine in it’s class.
  2. Stamina Avari – Looking for compact,comfortable rowing machine with decent price tag then you must choose this state of the art technology with magnetic resistance.

And these best Rowing machine pick can help you to keep your body fit and well shaped. You can easily keep it in your home and did exercise at ease. Rowing machines are the best way to burn your extra calories and increase the fitness of your body and without going to the gym or doing any heavy weight exercise at home.Upnext in the post we you are going to see some budget indoor rowing machines for home as well so stick around.Here you are also check out Benefits of using rowing machine.

rowing machine water

We know very well, how people are conscious about their heavy weighted issue and worried about how to lose weight pro ana and gain a fit body. But, due to the professional life it’s not always been possible to go to the gym and do some workout, but if you have Rowing Machines at your home, then you can do exercise whenever you want.Today in market rowing is available in all ranges and we are going to see best spin machine review best of them for you.

Various ranges of Rowers are available according to your budget, and all are very effective.In below chart you can see some major details of each rowing machine.


If you are also looking for indoor Rowing Machines for home or gym area, then you must be aware of some basics and features of rowing machines. You must know that there are various Rowing Machines are available with different styles and features, and you have to choose the right one for yourself.we have listed some of the most popular rowing machine review & features in below section.

Best Rowing Machines according to the price list:

All the listed models are directly linked back to the, So, you can easily buy your rowers from there. Various numbers of products and models are there.

But, if you get confused which one will be the preferable option for you, then also not to worry. We have listed our top most models here of different brands and price. So, you can easily choose your top rowing machine from that. But, first, let’s look at the different price range of Rowing machines.

Best Affordable Rowing Machines Under $50 to $200:

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machines. Price – $79 | 2120 Reviews

Stamina body track glider 1050 Rowing Machine. Price – $124| 440 Reviews

Note: The price may differ from some figures on as you can found discounted price there. So, you will be required to buy the product within that period.

Cheap Rowing Machines Under $200 to $300:

  1. Stamina Air Rower. Price – $299|636 Reviews
  2. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine. Price – $249|323 reviews

Indoor Inexpensive Rowing Machines Under $300 to $400

  1. Kettle Favorit Rowing Machine. Price – $389|128 Reviews
  2. ProForm 440R. Price – $400|135 Reviews

Budget Rowing Machines Under $400 to $800

  1. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower. Price – $549|184 Reviews
  2. Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike / Rower. Price – $799|88 Reviews

Best Rowing Machines Under $900 to $1300

  1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with the PM5 monitor. Price – $945|1329 Reviews
  2. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic power. Price – $1000|110 Reviews
  3. Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine. Price – $1299|43 Reviews

And the last, Best Rowing machine within the Price range of $1300 above –

Water rower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut with S4 Monitor. Price – $1495|47 Reviews

Best Rowing Machines Reviews 2017:

It is one of the top most models of budget indoor Rowing Machines. And in most of the gyms, you have found it. It is also the best Rowing machine for your home. The construction of this rowing machine is highly well and designed perfectly and works very smooth.

This model is supported by aluminum monorail frame with a spiral damper which allows adjusting the airflow, and it helps to keep the noise to a minimum level. So, those who do not want noise, this is the model you can choose as an best indoor rowing machine. The seat is pretty much comfortable and gives you ease during a long workout session.

As the noise level is low, you can easily listen to your favorite music during the time spent on it. Also, the model has an excellent PM5 monitor that will show you all the necessary data.

magnetic rowing machine

The monitor will display all your progress, and you can choose it out of the two way of display. The one way is you can choose all your workouts in total distances and time, or you can split it. Splits will give you an exact look at your progress with each and every different data.

The handle of the rowing machine is well designed and help you to grip it firmly even after half n hour of your workout when your hands become sweaty. It is an air resistance type Rowing machine, and it keeps the whole process smoothly without any error.

Moreover, you can set different levels of resistance depending upon your body weight and fitness level. Talking about the size of this model, its quite bulk. Because more number of features is added to it which makes it a little bit bulky. So, it’s one of the disadvantages if you are looking for a small sized rowing machine. Otherwise, no such negative points are there.

The price of this Concept2 Model D indoor Rowing Machine is quite high because of its features and high-tech design. You can easily get this model from with some discounted price. So, don’t just delay and buy this incredible rowing machine from Amazon today.

It is water resistance Outdoor Rowing machine buying guide. This set of water rowing machine is designed just wonderfully and one of the top most choice of the athletes. The model employs a water flywheel which gives you feeling like rowing in the actual water. The water resistance type is really a necessary for the professionals who actually need themselves becoming fit and well-shaped body.

The workout process is pretty smooth, but a challenging one as rowing with water is not an easy task. As we know that rowing is known to be one of the best exercises because of its challenges and gives your body a non-impact result which is necessary, and water resistance type rowers are the best amongst all of the types.

rowing machine water

It’s very comfortable due to the seats and also you can choose your desired level of intensity of the resistance. This WaterPower Rowing Machine has S4 Monitor which shows you all the vital information and data. A pretty user-friendly device and helps you to track all the progress that you have made.

It consists of American ash wood frame, water flywheel, a 15-inch ergonomic handle. The computer attached to it, able to give you information about your heart rate, stroke rate, how much calories you burnt, total distance covered. The intensity of the resistance can be set as m/s.

So, this low-priced rowing machine is just what you wanted for yourself. It’s a next level high tech rower with all the necessary features. And yes, stylish enough to catch your view.

Talking about the negative points of this model, there is nothing such we can find except the price. The price is little bit high and might not be suitable for your budget. But, if you do not have the budget problem then definitely it will be a worth buying product for yourself and your family members.

Also, you can buy this model directly from Just go there and you can get it some discounted price.

It is another Air resistance rowing machine. It is built on a frame made with steel, and a nylon strap is there through which the handle of the machine is connected to the damper. The seat is very comfortable and easily adjustable too. And during the workouts, you can easily shift yourself as it gives enough room for easily adjusting.

Came to the technology part, we are just surprised that it has a digital monitor with just a low price. And this monitor will help you to track your progress, and all keep check your all the necessary data. Just like the high tech computers, it also gives you data regarding the calories you burnt, distances you covered, and the speed.

Stamina Air Rower machine

Another advantage of Stamina Air Rower machine it is portable, and you can easily store it anywhere you want. This rowing machine employs wind resistance through the fan that makes it pretty smooth and probably the best one amongst its types.

It is really easy to use and easy to store and above all the price is also pretty much low as compared to others. As it is based on air resistance, so obviously it gives you a smooth workout.

There is nothing much as negative points except some people find it pretty noisy. That is it creates little bit more sound as compared to the other models discussed here. Otherwise, everything is good.

With the drum magnetic control system, the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower CHR 2001 is the best model based on a magnetic type of resistances. This rowing machine is electronic tension controlled, heart rate monitor and many other necessary parts that give you the pretty much comfortable and smooth workout.

velocity exercise magnetic rower review

Although, magnetic resistance types rowers are best suitable for the light workout and for a short period as said earlier, this model is such an exceptional with some good number of features. The model has an LCD which gives you information about the rowing time, what amount of calories you burnt, distances covered, heart and pulse rate, etc.

The price is not a factor here as it is quite affordable rowing to everyone. The seat is also comfortable and easy to adjust. And the handle is also designed in a nicely way so that you can make a firm grip even while you starts to sweating.

The only negative factor that we have seen is the warranty feature. While other rowing machines have a longer time of warranty, this model has only 30 days of warranty for its body parts and 90 days for the computer. Except this matter, everything is quite ok.

What is the best rowing machine for home use?

Also, it is obvious that the best quality packed Rowing Machines have come with a high price and not every person can afford to buy them. But, you must be thankful to the manufacturer that they have taken this issue in their mind, and that’s why various low range Rowing machines also there.

But, how can you know that which one is good at budget rate? and which features you need for yourself? as you do not know further anything about these machines?Don’t worry we are going to answer each of you question.

We would like to tell you that for this part, we are always will be here to help you and guide you. We have our experienced trainer and health cautious personalities who helped us to choose the best products according to its features and price and write this best Rowing Machines buying guide .

But, before going to the best Rowing Machines, we would like to know you some more details about the Rowing machines. Without knowing these basic things, you can’t understand the operation and working procedures of them.

Moreover, various types of Rowing machines are there, so which one you should buy or which will be the perfect option for you, to know the answers to such kind of questions, you must be aware of these facts like you budget,indoor or outdoor use? type of rowing machine? if you are not sure about any of this hold we will guide you to buy the rower in the market in best affordable rates.

Best Rowing Machines for Beginners – How it designed & Various Types?

Before using or perfect rowing machine for my apartment , you must be aware of about the different types and designing process.

Basically, a Rowing machine is consisting of a handle and a damper, some connecting cables. The handle is connected to the damper by the connecting cables, and you need to pull the handle in and out in a perfect way. These days various designable Rowing machine are available and also the main thing which differs from each and every rowing machines is the motion which takes place when rowing.

Another common part is a foot stretcher, and a flywheel and both are stationary and handled by a sliding seat of the Rowing machine. It is known as fixed head ergometer.

Sometimes another type of variety would be seen where the foot stretcher and the seat both are moving. This design procedure is called floating head ergometer wiki definition.

cheap rowing machine

Now, talking about the type of Rowing Machines. Basically, there are 4 types of Rowing Machines are available in market, and these vary according to its type of resistances generated while rowing as well as the intensity of resistance.

  • Air Resistance

Air resistance Rowing Machines are the one of the best type available in the market, and it is the type that you must want to use and buy best rower machines for home use. Also, there are 3 more types, and they are also good in their way. The rowing instruments you see in the gyms, most of them are of this type.

Here, you have to pull the handle, and the resistance would be created by the spinning flywheel in the form of wind. So, here we can say that the more force you apply, the more will be the intensity of the resistances. Both are directly proportional to each other.

So, this type of rowing machines are the best option for your workout and build your stamina and burn the fat and extra calories right sitting at your home without going anywhere.

  • Water Resistance

Water resistances Rowing machines are popular among the professionals like athletes as the friction and resistances which is generated pretty similar to the friction and resistances generates when you actually rows in water. That’s why the name water resistance came. Athletes and other professionals like to work out with such type of rowers, and it benefitted a lot to them.

  • Piston Resistance

All the low ranged that is low price rowing machines are made with piston resistances, and it is the option for you if you are looking for budget rower for home. But, it’s not like that price is low, so product quality also low. The quality is always in a high value and is widely used machine too.

As the name suggests, pistons are used to generate the resistances, and you need to work out with these pistons. For the upper body exercises and workouts.

  • Magnetic Resistance

Actually, these are the cheapest rowing machines available in the market. And they are really very lightweight and easy to use. Here, in this type of rower electromagnets are used to provide resistances, and that’s why the intensity of resistances is quite low as compared to others.

So, these rowing machines are used for light workout, not for the effective one. This type of rowing machine is only for the light exercises and additionally these are easy to carry as light weighted.Hence, these are inexpensive rowing out in market.

So, choose the best type of rowers that you need. You must keep in mind all the features, not only the price and size. Performances also are one of the main factors to choose a rowing machine. Also, look for the comfort and adjustability that is the seat, food pads, and other options.

What are the necessary things that you must look for while buying Rowing Machines?

While going for buying the best rowing machine for your home, you must checkout for below things.

Comfort and Adjustability matter

Yes! This is very important matter. A rowing machine must be comfortable enough so that you can easily lose your extra fat by workout on it. It must have comfortable seats and foot pads. The sliding seats also be a good choice.

Check the Noise Level

Some rowers may produce more noise while working out on it. So, it would be some kind of irritating part for few people. But, if you do not have any problem with the sound or noise during workout, then it will be nice.

Workout Space

If you want to buy rowing machines for your home that is indoor rowing machines, then it would require a much amount of space on your floor. So, it’s an important point that you always keep in mind while finalizing a rower.

Various lengths of rowing machines are available with various footprints. So, choose a rower depending on the available flooring space at your home.


Pricing is always an important factor. You will be seen that the high price rowing machines are with more number of features, less maintenance and moreover, lasts more. But, not all the people can afford the high ranged products. So, you have to choose according to your budget and also be the best product.

User Weight

Usually, it has been seen that rowing machines can handle more number of weights than any other exercise equipment. Rowing machines have less moving parts compared to others.


Storage of the rowing machines is really a great headache for many people. If the rower can fold up and store at a place, then it will be plus point of the rower machine. And more number of individuals wants to buy such kinds of machines. For example, Concept2 Model D is a rowing machine buying guide which has folding features, and you can easily store it any place quite easily. So, consider this function whenever you go to buy a rower.

Rowing machines with computer or a monitor

Some advanced rowing machines have computer or monitor attached to it so that you can calculate how much amount of calories you burnt or can tell you estimated distances, time, etc. You can easily track your progress with such type of Rowing machines. Not only the high priced one but even some low ranked rowing machines also have this type of feature.


Warranty is obvious. You always want the product you purchase must be backed by the standard warranty time. So that if any kind of faults has been found, then the product must be repaired or exchanged without any hassle.

So, now it’s time to discuss about the top Rowing Machines according to their features and other necessary things.

These are the top rowing machine. If you have any kind of suggestions or any queries, then you are requested to give it in the comment box. We would love to hear from you.


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