How To Use Rowing Machine In Gym? Step-By-Step Guide With Pics

So far you might have had many issues over using a rowing machine in a gym.It may seem complex to you and you don’t know where to start and how to start actually.The rowing machine could seem sometimes tough it inconvenient to use but once you get to know the perfect way of doing it,the rowing machine/ergo-meter could add up in your cardio routine.The rowing machine is effective from back to toe.Arms, shoulders,calves,Quads,Abdominal are all used in the rowing strokes.

Although the rowing machine is a calorie burner,which is estimated to burn over 280 calories in just 30 minutes,could lead back injury if you’re not careful or just don’t know how to do it yet.So in order to prevent any injury caused to you while using the rowing machine,you will need to learn how to properly use it.Improper usage, as we said,could prove injurious or sometimes, no benefit at all.You can also check out last on best resistance band for home workout.

Mistakes we make while using Rowing Machine:

Mistake #1: Only using your arms

Rowing is not all about just pulling with your arms and releasing.It is something totally apart from what a newbie would do.You need to coordinate your body into a proper posture and use every muscle that is possible.Another mistake we do is pulling the handle with all the force we have.This is totally wrong.

You need to maintain a specific pressure to your body and not pressurizing and part.Doing it wrongly can cause serious injuries to your back, shoulders or arms.Also learn to push with your legs in other to maintain a uniform process of rowing and that too comfortably.

Mistake #2: Not checking the damper

A normal and a newbie would not mind any adjustments in the rowing machine and would just jump on the machine and start. Is that okay? Not at all! If the damper is set at a higher setting, the machine would feel more heavy than a heavy rowboat and will exhaust you right after you’ve started which means you didn’t get any proper workout.

Mistake #3: Hunching while you’re working out

Now this bad habit will do you no good, not even on a rowing machine. You will need to sit tall with a stacked posture and turning on your abdominal muscles and relaxing your shoulders while they are pulled back and down comfortably and above all, make sure you have your spine always in neutral.

Mistake #4: Jerking your upper body

We do know that rowing machine requires force during ever stroke. The force is always too much to jerk your whole body but you will have to make sure that your abs are turned out and your hands and feet are connected. If your legs are pushing quickly and it causes your rear end to shoot out, your upper body will have to do extra work to catch up with every stroke, thus making your strokes less efficient and even causing injuries or muscle pulls.

So the thing till now is, ‘How to use a rowing machine perfectly then?’

[Starting positions and things to take care of]

1)For the people who are totally new to rowing, you should set the resistance to low where you figure out your form and then slowly proceed and land up in adjacent resistance phases.

2)Always maintain a tight grip by your feet on the pads with the straps just tight enough to prevent your feet moving aside while rowing.

3)Bring your knees up and slide to the top of the machine with your hands grabbing the grip. But always make sure that you have not held the grip too tightly for it may lead to sudden jerks or excessive pressure on your hands, arms and shoulders which many times leads to shoulder dislocation or other injuries.

4)As you start rowing, pull the handle with you with your legs completely straight but knees a little bit bent that will allow you to prevent them from getting locked at a certain position which you many never like. Keep your back straight and gradually pull your hands to your chest with elbows pointing downwards against your sides.


5)Now is the main challenge of your workout where many people go wrong. They release from the position in a sudden and a rapid jerk which definitely could prove fatal. That is the reason many people fail at this point. What you need to do is release your arms out first, following your back. As you release and extend your arms back to the starting point, your body will lean forward over which you’ll need to have a bit of control of not letting it move all of a sudden.


6)As your body leans forward, slide down your body by bending your legs gradually and when you reach the end of the ramp, your arms will be fully extended with your knees bent and back slightly forward.

7)Now you have to start over again for the second time. For that, push your body carefully backwards with your legs and make sure you again straighten your legs. Your arms will be extended again but when you start this pulling again, lean your back sightly backwards in order to gather the required for to reach the final position.

8)You have reached the point again where it started with your arms bent downwards, you back straight along with your legs. Keep stroking this position and don’t rush at all. Don’t grip the handle with your hands. The power should come from your legs.

Go on! Try these tips and master the rowing machine.

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